Ayatollah Sistani’s staff aiding Ramadi residents after its liberation from ISIS


SHAFAQNA- Some of Ayatollah Sistani’s office staff members in Iraq, after army’s decisive victory in Ramadi on this Saturday, presented in the city to help displaced people.

According to the reports, the cleric are still in the city to distribute food among women and children and aiding people with spiritual help to reinforce the spirit of national unity and harmony in the war-torn city.

Since the beginning of war, Grand Ayatollah Sistani has always played a great role in fighting ISIS terrorists by declaring war on the terrorists as a spiritual leader.

In recent years, representatives of Ayatollah Sistani and his staff got used to be in other region for helping people on his demand.

Iraqis celebrated the victory on Monday and said Ramadi, which fell into the hands of ISIS in May, was fully recaptured. However, later statements showed that some neighborhoods were still to be cleared.

Source: Abna


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