Bahrain al Wefaq condemns blast on Budaiya Highway


SHAFAQNA -  Bahrain’s Al Wefaq National Islamic Society condemns the blast that took place in Budaiya highway on Friday night, August 28. According to the Ministry of Interior, the attack took the life of a security policeman and left others with injuries.

Al Wefaq stresses that such acts of violence are condemned and unacceptable and are against the interests of the country and citizens, regardless of which side it came from.

The popular movement is committed the Nonviolence Principles Declaration as a strategic option that is not to be put down.

The opposition has put as much effort and is still reaching out to achieve the goals of this declaration in order to prevent the country from slipping into dangerous tracks. We are calling on the supporters of the opposition to declare the refusal of violence and the sides adopting such methodology.


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