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Bahrain Authority bans Al Wefaq’s General Assembly

SHAFAQNA – The Authority in Bahrain has banned Al Wefaq National Islamic Society from holding its General Assembly tonight. The measure reflects the tyrranical doctrine of the Bahraini Authority against dissent.

Al Wefaq had announced it is holding its General Assembly on Thursday night, on December 4th, 2014, in Al Ouruba Club. A number of public and privately owned halls refused to let Al Wefaq rent their places for the General Assembly out of fear of the regime’s repressive and punitive measures.

The Bahraini Authority has gone too far in its war against freedom of opinion and political activism. Dissidents who make up a political majority in Bahrain are being targeted and punished for their activism and opinion.

The Authority attempts to hide its failure in the sham elections by resorting to such practices.

Today, Bahrainis are targeted and brutally attacked for exercising their fundemental rights and freedoms such as expression and belief and political and human rights activism. The targetig of Al Wefaq comes as part of the huge systematic violations of human rights.

The main problem is between the people and the totalitarian regime that is controling all powers and institutions to serve the ruling dynasty far from legal restriction and without consideration to the rights of the citizens.

Al Wefaq will continue to support the demands of the political majority in Bahrain to transit to a democratic state where the people are the source of all powers. A state where the government and parliament are elelcted by the people based on an independent and fair electoral system with an impartial judiciary and patriotic national security institutions.

Bahrain is living a suffocating political crisis with a lack of security whilst rights are outrageously violated in front of the world.

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