Bahrain : Bomb kills mercenary police from Jourdan and FM accuses Hizbollah

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive )  – One policeman from Jourdan was killed in a “terrorist” attack in a Shia town in Bahrain, which has been rocked by a wave of violence, the interior ministry said Tuesday. The attack occurred Monday night in Damistan, southwest of Manama, while the officer was “doing his duty”, the ministry said, adding that an investigation was under way.

It was the first deadly attack on the security forces since parliamentary elections in November, boycotted by the main Shia opposition group which is calling for democratic reforms in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.The vote was the first in the Gulf state since Sunni authorities crushed pro-democracy protests led by the majority Shiites in 2011.

Foreign Minister of Bahrain accused Hizbollah in the attack as the bomb made by them , saying in his twitter account . FM Khalid Khalifa continues his attack on Hizbollah in the last few weeks by saying Hizbollah is terrorist party their danger more than Daesh and Qaeda

Attacks against the security forces have increased this year, with three policemen, including one from the UAE, killed in a bomb attack in a Shia area on March 3. Another policeman was killed in a bomb attack in a Shiite village in February during protests marking the third anniversary of the protest movement.

Small but strategic Bahrain, home base of the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, remains deeply divided three years after the month-long protests.

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