Bahrain : Building 3 in Jau prison is overcrowded by 173%

SHAFAQNA – New information revealed that Building 3 in the Jau prison is overcrowded by 173.6% with political prisoners, most children or under the age of 21. The building houses 21 cells equipped to take 72 prisoners in all, however, the current number of prisoners in the building sums up to 197 with an excess of 125 detainees. Most cells have only two beds but the prison’s administration places up to 7 prisoners in one cell so they have nowhere to sleep in other than the corridors.
The information also revealed that 16 out of the 21 rooms don’t have toilets inside, and the prisoners share 4 toilets and only 2 have showers in them. The prisoners have to stand in a long queue before they can go to the toilet or bathroom.
Al Wefaq issued a report about the exploding situation inside the prison back in June 2014.
Al Wefaq National Islamic Society said this situation indicates the absence of humane conditions inside the prison. Al Wefaq also points out that such breaches reflect the vengefulness and sadism of the police against the prisoners who are jailed for their political opinions.
Most of these prisoners are school and university students who should be in their study seats, but in a country ruled by tyranny, citizens will continue to be jailed for calling for democracy and dignity.

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