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Bahrain: female detainee put incommunicado

SHAFAQNA –  Jalila Sayed Ameen, 30, has not been allowed access to family and lawyer since her arrest on 10th February 2015. Family members appealed to the Ombudsman Office then the Central Investigations Department (CID) but were told their request to see Jalila cannot be received because the system is down.

The family also approached the Isa Town female detention centre where they were told to go to the Prosecution Office, when they did, the Prosecution Office said it has nothing to do with these issues.
The family said Jalila was taken to the Public Prosecution Office on 11th February and 18th February but her lawyer was not informed in the first time and was not allowed to speak to her in the second time where her detention was renewed for another 10 days.
Security Authorities tend to hide information about detainees from their family to increase their concerns and worries. Reports said Jalila was subjected to mistreatment in the CID on the first days of her arrest.
The Liberties and Human Rights Department in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society considers the information provided by Jalila’s family of serious concern. Putting Jalila incommunicado is an outrageous violation of the national law and international human rights and women rights covenants.

The LHRD urges that Jalila be given immediate access to her family and lawyer as well as ensuring due process.

Source : Alwefaq

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