Bahrain: Mercenaries police backed with Saudi troops demolish Shia mosques rebuilt by people

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – The Bahraini authorities with mercenaries Police backed with Saudi troops  (Thursday, December 18 / 2014) demolished a Shia mosque in the west of the capital Manama in Mqaabh area, at a time where people waiting for more than 10 mosques to rebuilt. This comes at a time when members committee of religious freedom in the United States are visiting currently Bahrain to see progress of the rebuilding of mosques that were demolished in 2011.

It was learned that delegation were visiting together with the US Embassy members in tours on mosques and places of worship that have been demolished, with a focus on those that are not subject to rebuild an integrated manner. People rebuild Watiyah mosque that was demolished by authorities  in April 2011 within a broad campaign to punish the Shia community, which led mass protests sought to put an end to the Al Khalifa family’s acquisition of power.

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