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Bahrain : “Observatory” The head of Jaafari Awqaf ” helps authority in jumping on crime of Shia’s mosques demolishing

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Department of Religious Freedom in Observatory Bahrain Human Rights considered that the Jaafari Waqf statement, which was published in the newspapers February 15, 2015 included misrepresentations and fraud clear of the facts when they claimed that the authority has built 90% of mosques demolished illegally during national safety of the year 2011 period.The observatory said in their statement that president of Jaafari management, saying the completion of 90% of the mosques destroyed, Includes “great fallacies and clear, designed to help authority in jumping on crime of demolition of Shia mosques, Facts been twisted without achieving the implementation of the recommendations of the Bassiouni report  to rebuild 38 Shia mosques in their original positions, and bring the perpetrators of the crime to a fair trial. “

Bahrain Human Rights Observatory saw that the road map for the settlement of Shia mosques demolished file in Bahrain pass through three stages, the first building of all 38 mosques demolished registered in endowments Jaafari , and to bring the authority of the crime of demolishing mosques for independent fair trial, and provide public apology from authority for Jaafari sect, for demolition of 38 mosques.
Department of religious freedoms Bahrain Observatory for Human Rights has considered the Department of Awqaf Jaafari management imposed on the people.

Image Source : Bahrain mirror

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