Bahrain Opposition Calls On UN To Stop Naturalization Crime Against The Indigenous People

SHAFAQNA –  The National Democratic Opposition Parties in Bahrain said the political naturalization project is one of the biggest humanitarian crimes committed against the people of Bahrain. “This is a destructive plan that aims to replace the indigenous people with a new people loyal to the current Authority”, the opposition stated.

The statements came in the final communiqué read out after a mass march on Saturday evening to protest the naturalization of tens of thousands of foreigners from different nationalities.

The opposition parties called on the United Nations and international community to act to stop the monstrous political-naturalization that is being carried out by the Bahraini regime to exclude and silent the people who are demanding democracy.

“The political-naturalization is threatening security and stability in Bahrain and doubling the political, social and economic problems in Bahrain”, the statement said, “This continuous and escalating naturalization is a real threat on all levels and might explode at any moment. Naturalizing foreigners en masse has resulted in overloaded healthcare, education, housing and other State-services on the expense of the indigenous people”.

The opposition parties demanded an immediate end to the naturalization process and to invalidate all nationalities distributed to foreigners, against the law.

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