Bahrain regime arrest six more Shia scholars

SHAFAQNA – Bahrain’s security forces arrested six more Shia clerics for their protest against a recent revocation of Shia leader Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem’s citizenship.

According to al-Wasat daily, Seyed Muhammad Hadi al-Ghuraifi, Sheikh Imad al-Shuala, Sheikh Aziz al-Khizran, Sheikh Munir Mua’tawaq, Seyed Yasin al-Musawi, and Sheikh Hussein al-Mahrous were taken into custody for attending a protest in front of Sheikh Qassem’s home in al-Diraz village near Manama.

Earlier, the Al Khalifa regime’s police forces also detained Sheikh Issa Momen, Sheikh Ali al-Hamli, Seyyed Mohsen Qarifi and Sheikh Fazil Zaki in for questioning.

Late last month, the regime forces detained Seyyed Majid al-Mashaal, the secretary of Bahrain’s Islamic Scholars Council, after raiding his home.

Bahraini rulers have come under fire both at home and abroad for ramping up their crackdown on dissent.

In recent weeks, demonstrators have held sit-ins outside Sheikh Qassem’s house in the village of Diraz to denounce his citizenship removal.

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