Bahrain: Regime executes 3 innocent and claims just retribution

SHAFAQNA – Bahrain lost three of its sons today … Three more souls were lost to the brutality of al-Khalifa regime and western media are already working to rationalise the abominable, by arguing national security and fair retribution. What do you say before absolute moral decay? What can you offer the deaf and the blind of heart when God Himself warned that many will be those who will deny the Truth when it has been made evident?

Do not been fooled into thinking that Al Khalifa regime knows not what it is that its hands are buying … it’s just that the regime does not care how many lives it will have to shatter to sit on that throne it worships so.

Such is the nature of monarchies!

I don’t think at this point in the game that anyone can pretend NOT to understand what dynamics are at play in the Middle East. Might it be the Black Flag Army in Iraq and Syria, or Saudi Arabia’s mercenaries in Yemen or Manama’s murderous thugs, it is Tyranny in its purest and most unadulterated form that communities are facing.

It is in the name of control that nations have been made to burn and free folks sent to die … And while today Shia Muslims are standing in the front line – as they always have, no communities can claim itself immune. I would say that Saudi Arabia’s cries for a grand religious cleansing stand testimonies of the future its Wahhabist clergy wants to impose on the rest of the world.

If not for the sake of justice and decency maybe you ought to see in our dead the future that awaits you, should you remain silent. Maybe then self-preservation will spring you back into an upright position.

Of course it would require you manage to pierce through the thick gloss of misinformation Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi-sponsored media complex weaved around your eyes and ears.

Keen to manage the narrative, and project murder as a just act Gulf News trumpeted a pathetic piece of propaganda.

“Bahrain on Sunday morning executed three people after they were found guilty of killing three officers, including UAE army officer First Lieutenant Tariq Al Shehi.

The head of terrorist crime prosecution Ahmad Al Hammadi said that the executions were carried out in the morning by a firing squad and in the presence of a judge, representatives from the public prosecution, the prison warden, a doctor and a preacher as stipulated by the law.

Al Hammadi said that executions took place after the legally prescribed procedures were taken, the verdict of the Court of Cassation became final and enforceable, and the Attorney General called for its implementation accordingly.”

Al-Khalifa is really making a case for Terror.

The only crimes those three activists ever committed were to call for democratic reforms, and political self-determination while being Shia. In a land where your faith and your traditions condemn you to live in oppression, martyrdom is sadly the only right you may claim.

Now learn their names and despair at your lack of courage for not speaking up on their behalf: Abbas al-Samea, Sami Mushaima and Ali al-Singace.

Brutalised, tortured and victimised for their allegiance was to a faith Wahhabism considers an apostasy, three of Bahrain’s sons were martyred.

Such is the quality of the regime western capitals are empowering and lauding. Such is the nature of those state officials you call your allies. Allies in what? Is it bloodshed and genocide we must now idealise and revere?

Bahrain we must remember sits under foreign occupation and under an oppressive media blackout. But the Truth is really only a google search away … provisioning you can stomach it!

“The Bahraini authorities have had their foot on the throat of Bahraini civil society for years, but in 2016 they indicated their intent to cut off its air supply altogether,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Bahrain’s long-term stability hinges on a process of political reform with greater respect for basic human rights at its core, but sadly it is going in the other direction.”

Maya Foa, head of the UK-based human rights group Reprieve, said: “It is nothing short of an outrage – and a disgraceful breach of international law – that Bahrain has gone ahead with these executions.” The death sentences handed to the three men, she added, “were based on ‘confessions’ extracted through torture, and the trial an utter sham”.

But here is where this execution could stand a harbinger for an escalation in violence.

Now that Manama tasted blood … now that the world has offered but a whisper of outrage who will stop al-Khalifa to take a sword to an entire community? Bearing in mind that the monarchy is a client-state of Saudi Arabia one can only assume the worst.

The abomination by which all others are measured Saudi Arabia’s hunger for suffering is rooted in its very institutions. Yemen knows only too well what horrors befall those living under Riyadh’s shadow.

For all the violence al-Khalifa has thrown at Bahrainis, oppression will only lead to liberation – that is the inevitability of Revolution.

Those who live by the swords ….

By Catherine Shakdam – Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies







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