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Bahrain regime referred Alwefaq case to Public Prosecution aims to close it

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – The Ministry of Interior in Bahrain said that the case against Al-Wefaq society referred to the Public Prosecution included as they claims violations that amounted to crimes punishable by law. The General Director of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security on Monday announced that the department had investigated recent statements by Al Wefaq on its website and Twitter account for criminal content punishable under the law.

He claims Al Wefaq was under suspicion of publicly inciting hatred against the government and circulating false news to jeopardise civil peace and national security. It had also made calls for illegal rallies and incited hatred against the Interior Ministry and a foreign country. The Ministry earlier said that Al-Wefaq’s violations constituted crimes punishable by law and that they had been documented ahead of referring them to the Public Prosecution in order to initiate a judicial case against the society.
Al Khalifa regime has arrested Head Alwefaq Sheikh Ali Salman and president Shura Jameel Kadim and aiming to close the society.

Source Image : Alwefaq

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