Bahrain : Statistics anniversary February 14: 128 protest ,101 protest attacked, 20 arrested and 48 injured in the February 13, 2015


SHAFAQNA( Exclusive) – Statistics revealed by Freedoms and Human Rights Association in Al Wefaq National Islamic society that 128 protest in Bahrain in various areas in 4th anniversary of revolution. Protests spread all four provinces, one day before the anniversary of the February 14 fourth.During the day February 13, 2015, the number of areas that participated in the protests confirmed the demands of the people in the transition to democracy reached more than 46 Bahraini area. Alwefaq noted that regime repression by mercenaries backed with Saudi and UAE troops attacked more than 101 protest to confirm the popular demands for freedom and dignity, leaving 48 injured, some sporadic disturbing citizens and protesters.The number of arrests of 20 arrests, along with three raids carried out by the mercenaries police.

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