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Bahrain: The Muted Revolution

SHAFAQNA – As we mark the 4th anniversary of the uprising, protests continue to sweep across Bahrain, despite a heavy handed response from the security forces. With high profile leaders and activists in jail, the government continues its attack on the opposition. Activists say human rights abuses remain at an all time high and there is little in the way of reform. In this edition of Infocus we go undercover to investigate how the regime is cracking down on its citizens.

In 2011, in the wake of the Arab uprisings, both Sunni and Shia Bahrainis marched to the Pearl roundabout, protesting against the ruling family’s monopoly on all power. The authorities responded by violently cracking down on the protestors; many were killed and injured. Mass arrests, detentions, trials and ongoing torture became a recurring feature. 
Four years later, human rights activists say very little has changed, and life for many Bahrainis has worsened. Despite demonstrations being banned, protests continue on a daily basis. Critics accuse the authorities of creating an apartheid system, as the country’s majority Shia population continue to be the targets of the ongoing repression and human rights violations.

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