Bahraini court adjourns Shia leader Sheikh Ali Salman trial till 22 April 2015

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Today was the third hearing of trial Shia leader Sheikh Ali Salman , and the court adjourned till 22 April 2015 . Lawyers said that the judge refuse the questions to the interior ministry as witness against Sheikh Ali. In Lebanon Yousif Rabeea said that ” 58 international lawyers from countries around the globe say they are ready to plead for the innocence of Sheikh Ali Salman”. Member of Alwefaq Said Sayed Hadi Musawi “We were Prevented from entering the third session of Sh. Ali Salman trial, despite it considered as open trial for public!!”

Bahrainis gathered in #Alwefaq HQ last night demanding to #FreeSheikhAli 3rd hearing today #Bahrain


Protests widen ahead of 3rd hearing for opposition leader.

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