Bahraini opposition in London held a seminar in memory of the “martyrs Festival”: denounce the British silent despite continuing violations

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive) – On the occasion of the celebration of the martyrs, a seminar  was held today Wednesday, December 17th, in the British Parliament, sponsored by Lord Avebury with the participation of Bahraini activists  and Britons. British MP, Jeremy Corbin, spoke at the conference about the current situation in Bahrain, particularly on the legal level. Corbin confirmed that there is escalation in deterioration of human rights in Bahrain. He said that this deterioration is not only associated with the last three years, which followed the outbreak of the revolution of February 14, 2011 m, but extends to more than 30 years.

Cobain pointed out that Al-Khalifa government, and in the face of pressure against it, they pay the exorbitant funds in order to improve its image in the world. On the other hand, He pointed out that the British government is working in different ways to silence all those who talk about human rights violations in Bahrain, stressing that he, and others from parliamentarians, who will work on exposing these policies.

Jalal Fairuz Bahraini activist lamented about the official British policy towards Bahrain, referring to the recent statements made by the British ambassador in Bahrain, which claimed that there was a jurist in progress in the country. Bahrani human rights activist Ahmed Ali, from the Organization of Baird, said in his speech at the seminar to the side of the violations that take place in the country. He said that Yusuf Nashmi (from the town Musala) is one of the victims who were tortured and killed in prison, after being deprived of proper treatment.

Ali said that British act about this file was not positive, and pointed out that after a question about those responsible for torture in Bahrain, UK replied that there was no evidence tortures. Ali said that despite the large number of global human rights reports that talk about the deteriorating human rights situation in the country, but the West and the British official position is silence, until now, denouncing the policy of “silence” that are committed by the British government to the regime  since 2011, despite the illegal practices which involved by regime

Attorney Sue Wellman said in her speech that there were attempts to stop the deal of tear gas that was Al-Khalifa government intends to purchase from South Korea. Turning lawyer to efforts to prosecute those involved in the violations, including the governor’s son of king , Nasser, and hope that the day will come when justice apply to criminals in Bahrain, without exception.

During the seminar, the documentary film produced by the international news agency.

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