Bahrainis continue sit-in protest in front of Sheikh Issa Qassim’s residence in Diraz

SHAFAQNA – The sit-in started when the Bahraini authorities stormed Sheikh Qassim’s residence to hold him under arrest over the content of sermons he delivered called the regime to make social reforms and practice equity amongst the people.

Earlier, dozens of people rallied in Bahrain ahead of nationwide ceremonies in commemoration of political dissidents and pro-democracy campaigners killed at the hands of regime forces.

Demonstrators took to the streets in Sitra Island, chanting slogans against Al Khalifah regime and in condemnation of Saudi support for the Al Khalifa regime.

A similar rally was staged under the banner “Our Martyrs Are Immortal” in the Western village of Shahrakan, where participants held up pictures of slain 17-year-old teenager Ali Abdulghani, whose family says died of injuries suffered during a police chase earlier this year.

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