Baltistani Shia Welfare organization condemn attack on Christian Community in Lahore

SHAFAQNA – The Baltistan Shia Welfare Organization U.S in a Joint Statement of Khalid Baltistani, Haider Baltistani, Babar Ali, Akbar Baltistani, Zahid Changezi, Khawar Baltistani, Shahid Shigri, Sajjad Baltistani, Mehdi Baltistani, Aijaz Shigri and Shaukat Baltistani have condemned the brutal Taliban attack on Youhanabad Churches in Lahore (Pakistan), in which 15 innocent lives have been taken and more than 68 people were injured.

Baltistan Shia Welfare U.S demanded Government of Pakistan to immediately stop supporting defined extremist group, like Taliban and Lashker-e- Jhangvi and their associate group who are danger to other religions. Same mindset was also involved in blowing up the World Trade Center where thousands of innocent lived were lost. They are also murdering innocent Christian, Hindu, Shia, Sunni (Berhalvis) and Ahmedis in Pakistan.

We also demanded from Pakistan Government to provide appropriate security to them and bring the culprits to Justice. Baltistan Shia Welfare Organization U.S. also calls upon the United Nation to act to stop the genocide of Christian, Shia and Sunni in Pakistan. Religious minorities in Pakistan including Christians, Ahmedis, Shia, Sunni and Hindu facing Systematic persecution and violence and their religious freedom is severely restricted by the Government through discriminatory law. The Pakistan Government has also tolerated Large- Scale anti minority violence by radical militant organization and allowed such group to operate with impunity.

Takfiri mindset now argues that true Islam only belongs to them and other religions and sects have no place in Pakistan. Hindus and Sikhs belong to India, Christians belong to the West, Shia belongs to Iran and Ahmedis are the infidels to be killed or converted to Islam.

We will appeal all the different minorities of Pakistan, Europe and United States to be united and launch the collective campaign for their rights all across the world and also in Pakistan. There are certain limitations to raise voice in Pakistan for Christians, Hindus and Ahmedis but we are living in free society where we can express in freedom and can talk about other issues.

The world community should also strongly encourage and support the Government of Pakistan to step up operation “Zarb e Azb” not in only in Northern Waziristan but also it should be launched in Punjab which is the hub of these terrorists like Lashkar e Jhangvi.


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