US woman accidentally shot dead by son, two, in Idaho Wal-Mart

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association) A woman in the US state of Idaho has been killed after her two-year-old son accidentally shot her with a gun he found when reaching into her handbag.

The woman, named by the local sheriff’s office as Veronica J Rutledge, 29, was shot in a Wal-Mart in Hayden, a town in Idaho’s northern panhandle.

She had been shopping with several children at the time, a spokesman for the office said.

Officials said Ms Rutledge had had a concealed weapons permit.

She and her children had been in the rear of the store near the electronics area when the shooting occurred, they said.

The Wal-Mart closed after the shooting and is not expected to reopen until Wednesday.

Witnesses and video surveillance from the store helped officials determine the shooting was accidental, said broadcaster KREM.

The victim came from Blackfoot, a town in the south of Idaho, the sheriff’s office said in a statement on Facebook.


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