How to become a God-fearing believer?


SHAFAQNA – Believers should always be pure and clean as well as having a watchful eye on themselves, and try to hide the faults of others. Be kind to everyone and escape from everyone; meaning be with everyone and without any one (be always with God). Try to know God in any situation and position. If you are from a rich and powerful family, be magnanimous; and if you are from a pious family, be fearful. The Quran is the carved image of the complete human being; meaning it is the truth of Mohammadi (PBUH) [the truth of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who is the seal of the prophets and the last source of Divine Revelation]; see how close you are to that truth. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: Indeed, this Quran is the Divine Feast [1]. Look how much you have benefited from this feast [2].

[1] Wasaelul Shia, Vol. 6, Page 168.

[2] Namehaye Irfani Ayatollah Hassan Zadeh Amoli.

Sair-o-Soluke Pakan Daftare 12, Namehaye Irfani, Ali Mohammadi, Page 116.


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