Belfast Islamic Centre opens doors for the day

SHAFAQNA- The open day was designed to allow people to learn more about Islam.

Over 4,000 Muslims live in Belfast, with events like Sunday’s being used as a way to build relationships across communities.

The comments of Belfast Pastor James McConnell have caused controversy in recent months.

Pastor McConnell was found not guilty last month of making ‘grossly offensive’ comments about the religion.

Ashraf Ahmed, an Executive Committee member at the Islamic Centre in Belfast said that it was important to distinguish between international headlines and the actual Islamic faith.

“People sometimes hear on TV this thing called ISIS and they say ‘what is this ISIS’?” he said.

“People don’t know it is nothing to do with Islam, they claim they represent Islam but they are just criminals.

“We thought it would be a good idea to tell people simply what Islam is.”

The open day joined with dozens of others across the UK and gave people in Belfast the chance first hand to learn more about the Islamic faith.

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