Believer’s humility

SHAFAQNA – Imam Reza (AS) was asked: What is humility and its limits? Imam (AS) replied: Gets pleased with others generosity as much as his/her own. When a believing humble person makes a mistake or commits a sin, with good deeds, wipes off  the effects of them. A believing humble person suppresses his anger, if someone does a bad act against him, will forgive. A believing humble person knows his position and in any position that he may be, will sit in his place with a peaceful heart. Imam Ali (AS) in Sermon Number 325 of Nahjul Balaghah said: A believer is not selfish and does not pay attention to his/her inner desires and considers his/her inner desires as insignificant [1].

[1] Maqamaat Ma’anawi by Mohsen Beena, Vol. 2, page 80.

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