Believers recite the holy Quran a lot

SHAFAQNA – In a letter to his son, the late Imam Khomeini (RA) wrote: My child, become familiar with the Quran, this Book of knowledge, even though by reciting it, and open a way  to God through it, and do not think that reciting it without insight has no effect, as this is Satan’s temptation [1]. Hojjatol Islam Tavassoli said: Imam used to recite the holy Quran, three to five times everyday, and in the holy month of Ramadhan, he used to recite the whole Quran three times [2]. Fatimah, Imam’s daughter said: When we were in Najaf, Imam had a difficulty with his eyes, doctor came and examined his eyes and said: Do not recite the Quran for a few days and rest. Imam smiled and said: I want my eyes for reciting the Quran, what is the use of having eyes and not reciting the Quran, do something so I can recite the Quran [3].

[1] Imam’s letter to his son Seyyed Ahamad, 27/04/1982.
[2] Bardasht’hayee az sireh Imam Khomeini, Vol. 3, Page 5.
[3] Fatimah Tabatabei, Majalleh Hozur, No3.

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