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Is it better to be a lion or a sheep?

SHAFAQNA – Once the famous Italian dictator Mussolini told one of his friends that he prefers to live as lion for one year than to live like a sheep for hundred years; to eat others, and use them as my baits. This is better than being a sheep and be ready to be eaten by a lion. He said this sentence and used to pay money to his friend regularly and told him: I request from you not to repeat this sentence until I am alive; but why? Mussolini used to say: I can only be like a lion on the condition that people are sheep, but if people realize this sentence of mine, they also want to be like me; a lion, and then I cannot be a lion. They must be sheep in order that I am a lion. There is greatness in this saying but without (any) generosity [1].

[1] Goftarhaye Ma’anavi, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 171.

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