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Blessings from God which must be sought in their right places

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated that Allah (SWT) told Prophet Moses (AS): O’ Moses; I have placed six things in six places, but people look for them in other places which they will never find them.

  1. Absolute comfort and peace have been placed in the hereafter, but people look for them in this world.
  2. Honour and dignity have been placed in worshipping (God), but people seek them in (worldly) posts and positions.
  3. Independence has been placed in contentment, but people seek it in excess assets and wealth.
  4. Attaining knowledge has been placed in hunger and effort, but people seek it with full stomach.
  5. Reaching high levels of dignity has been place in modesty, but people seek it in arrogance and selfishness.
  6. Acceptance of prayers has been placed in Halal earnings, but people seek it in sorcery and witchcraft [1].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasael, Vol. 12, page 173.

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