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Blood of martyrs will lead to freedom of Kashmir says Chairman of Anjuman-e-Shari Shian

SHAFAQNA – Anjuman-e-Shari Shian Chairman Aga Syed Hasan Tuesday paid glorious tributes to Sayyida Fatima (sa) the daughter of holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) for her great services and contribution towards Islam.

Aga Syed Hasan addressed thousands of devotees at Wandusa Budgam in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

“In her very short life Sayyida Fatima (sa) left unambiguous marks of piety, generosity, and wisdom for women forever. Our women folk should emulate the life of Sayyida Fatima (sa) to have a pious, religious and honorable life,” he said.

Hasan stated that it was duty of people to protect the Islamic character, culture and identity of Kashmir. He said that every individual in the society has to play a role to bring social reform in the society.

Stressing on the end of bloodshed, Aga Hasan said that blood of martyrs will show its color one day and Kashmir will see the dawn of freedom. He said that Kashmir is a political issue that needs to be resolved. “India should shun rigidity and start an unconditional dialogue. The haughty and insolent approach of India is the biggest hurdle in the resolution of Kashmir issue,” he said.

Aga Hasan castigated US president Trumps policy of restricting the entry of people from some Islamic countries to United State. He said that Islamic countries are the victim of terrorism and this decision of US administration is only aimed to appease Israel and Zionist forces.

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