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Blue ticks on WhatsApp: App will finally tell you if your friends have been reading your messages

SHAFAQNA – Paranoid chatters rejoice: WhatsApp will now tell users not only when their messages have been delivered, but also when they’ve been read – perfect if you wanted an objective measure of how much your friends and loved ones care about you.

Some WhatsApp users might already think that they were getting this service from the app’s single and double check marks, but these actually refer to whether a message has been sent and delivered – not when it’s been read, played or listened to.

An update to the app (which doesn’t seem to be widespread yet) will now turn these check marks blue if the message has been sent, received and read.

Check marks explained. Image: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp have updated their online FAQ to reflect the changes, adding that users can also check the status of their message by pressing on an individual chat bubble and selecting ‘info’.

They also give some helpful advice as to why your message might not have been delivered to a chat partner ,including “their phone might be off” and “they might have blocked you”. It’s worth keeping in mind if you’re waiting desperately for those check marks to turn blue.

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