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Born in Kaaba

SHAFAQNA – Ibn Shazan narrated: Ibrahim bin Ali narrated from Abi Abdullah Jaafar ibn Mohammad who narrated from his fathers saying: Abbas ibn Abdulmotaleb and Yazid ibn Qoanab were sitting with a group of Bani Hashim near the House of God when they saw the mother of Amiral Momeneen who was in her ninth month of pregnancy and was ready to deliver her child.

She removed the curtain of the House of God and said: O’ God, I believe in You and in Your messenger and all of the messengers and all the books You have sent, and I believe in the words of my grandfather Ibrahim (AS) who constructed the Kaaba; therefore, in the name of this House, and the one who constructed it, and to this child who is in my stomach who talks to me, and I am the companion of these talks, and I believe he is one of Your signs and proofs, I request from You to make this delivery easy for me.

Abbas ibn Abdulmotaleb and Yazid ibn Qoanab added: When Fatima spoke this way and prayed, we saw the House of God opened from behind and she went inside and disappeared from our eyes and the place of entrance was closed. We wanted to open the door in order for some of the women to enter but we could not and we realised this is God’s command. Fatima remained there for three days and people of Mecca and their wives were talking about this. After three days, the House (of God) opened again from the same place it was closed and Fatima came out whilst carrying Ali (AS) [1].

[1] Faza’el Amiral Momeneen, Jawad Kazim Munshid, Page 161.

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