Boycott of Israel Week launched in London; Israel get angry

SHAFAQNA – Activists from London Palestine Action put up these posters criticizing Israel’s apartheid policies against Palestinians all over London’s underground train network early Sunday morning.

Events of “Boycott of Israel Week”  in London have commenced as anti-Israeli occupation posters were hanged inside trains in London,  British press reported.

The boycott campaign organizers said that British weapons were used in the Israeli massacres against Palestinians during the last aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The posters accused the BBC of bias to Israel, in reporting news, and slammed the G4S British security company, which manages some of the Israeli and Palestinian Authority’s prisons, for protecting and securing discrimination practiced by Israel.

Over 500 posters were hanged in London’s trains and will be seen by over 4 million people on Tuesday, the official of the campaign wrote on Twitter.

Israeli fury

Israeli politicians reacted with near hysteria Monday.

Israel’s foreign ministry called the subvertisements “inciteful” and said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had instructed their director-general to “demand” the posters’ “immediate removal” during a visit to London for talks with the UK foreign office. Two Israeli opposition leaders also condemned the ads. Yair Lapid claimed the ads were “anti-Semitic” and implied that he had persuaded the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to remove them.

Former foreign minister Tzipi Livni (who in 2009 evaded a UK arrest warrant for war crimes) denied that Israel practices apartheid and said the posters showed that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement “is against the existence of Israel.”

A spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in London claimed that the ads were a “grim” act of “vandalism.”

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