Britain – Islington’s Muslims urged to take in refugees

SHAFAQNA - Mohammed Kozbar, who is the chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, said: “We and the Muslim Council of Britain, our mosque and many other mosques, we are encouraging the community to try to help refugee families who arrive to the UK.”

He added that member’s of Islington’s Muslim community will be on hand to offer other means to help to refugees arriving in the country.

“There are many ways of helping them,” he said.

“We can accommodate them in our houses or provide them with refreshments, food and clothes. Ideally, we want members of the community to take people in.”

On Friday, September 4, the mosque raised a total of £7,000 for Human Appeal, a charity whose refugee crisis emergency appeal is targeted at helping people fleeing from their homeland of Syria.

Mr Kozabar said: “We raised the money for the refugees after first prayers. We raised that much money in only an hour.”

The moqsue leader added: “We have to fulfil our responsibility as human beings.”

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