British Girl Memorizes Entire Quran at 7


SHAFAQNA- According to the Dini Haber website, Maria, who lives in Luton, a town 50km north-northwest of London, began memorizing the Quran at the age of 5 and managed to memorize the entire Holy Book in 2 years.

At 5, she had memorized Surah Yasin of the Quran. Then her parents sent her to a Quranic school in Luton.

Her mother soon discovered her daughter’s great talent in memorization of Quranic verses.

She, therefore, decided to teach her daughter the memorization of the Quran herself.

Maria worked every day for 5 hours to memorize the Holy Quran and managed to do it in 2 years.

Speaking to the media, the Muslim mother described her daughter’s achievement of memorizing the entire Holy Quran as the best event in her life.

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