British territory used by CIA interrogation

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Speaking to Vice News, Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, said the British territory of Diego Garcia was used as a transit location for the CIA to carry out interrogations.

“What I heard was more along the lines of using it as a transit location when perhaps other places were full or other places were deemed too dangerous or insecure, or unavailable at the moment,” he said.

“So you might have a case where you simply go in and use a facility at Diego Garcia for a month or two weeks or whatever and you do your nefarious activities there.”

“No one has indicated there was a detention site there, not in so many words,” Wilkerson said.

“What they indicated is that interrogations took place there.”

This is the first time a US official has spoken on record about the British territory and its role in CIA rendition programs.

On whether the British government was aware of illegal activities on the island, Wilkerson said:

“That doesn’t mean London knew,” he added. “But I just don’t, myself, I can’t see how we could have used Diego Garcia for almost any function other than maybe a bounce-in and bounce-out and even that, the bounce-in and bounce-out, they’d be aware of.”

The British government has not commented on Wilkerson’s statements.

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