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Brunei Sultan Urges Introducing Congregational Prayers at Schools

SHAFAQNA – “In Arabic and religious schools, congregational prayer is held, either at the surau (an Islamic assembly building) or the nearby mosque. This is very good to be continued, not only for students but also for parents and guardians who would like to join the prayer,” he said at an event to commemorate the National Level Israk Mikraj Celebration for 1439 Hijrah/2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas on Saturday.

“Apart from Arabic and religious schools, it is beneficial to extend congregational prayer to schools under the Ministry of Education. For this they can use the surau or any suitable space,” the monarch said.

“Lessons on congregational prayers have been taught in religious schools in the country. This is considered necessary, not just to make the students understand what a prayer in congregation is but also to make them passionate and Istiqamah to do it,” he said, according to the Borneo Bulletin.

“In Brunei Darussalam, for the convenience of Muslims to perform prayers, many mosques have been built. We have also set up the Mosque Construction Fund to give opportunity to the public to jointly contribute towards the development and maintenance of mosques and reinforce the relationship between congregants and mosques. Construction and maintenance of mosques are very important, so that they will always be magnificent, safe and comfortable for the worshippers,” the monarch went on to say.

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