Californian Muslims brace for Ramadan celebrations

SHAFAQNA - Like Millions of Muslims across the world, Muslims in the US are preparing to observe the holy fasting month of Ramadan, which starts on Thursday, with a religious flavor. 

At southern California’s multi-cultural mosque, the Islamic Society of Orange County, preparations are going on to host thousands of Muslims on the first Saturday of Ramadan. 

A huge canopy is being installed in the courtyard of the mosque where a large celebration is to be held. 

The heavy schedule of the mosque will focus on mid-day prayers along with evening celebrations after the fast is broken. 

“When you go without food and drink for entire day, even for one day, you realize what you have given up, and you realize what you actually have that you had taken for granted,” Sheikh Mustafa Umar, of a southern California mosque, told Voice of America on Monday. 

Sheikh Umar is one of southern California Muslims who are bracing for fasting, reflections and communal gatherings that mark the holy month. 

“Every day here at the mosque, we actually break our fast together at sunset, so that is around 8:00 pm,” Duaa Alwan, the president of the Islamic Society of Orange County, said. 

“There are free meals, free dinners here. A lot of the larger community are invited to that, a lot of our friends from different faiths, our neighbors.”

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