Can the real fascists please stand up?


SHAFAQNA – Here is it again – the ugly, despicable, irrational and dark racist monster, raising its head from the ashes of Paris attack, the ultimate end-game radicals want to see play out in the streets of the old continent.

Answering the call of its vilest instincts, France is playing right in the hands of fascism, confirming ISIS’ cries Westerners will forever be the enemies of Islam, that forever Muslims will be foreigners in their homes for they chose a faith which has been labelled foreign.

For all intents and purposes Muslims have been branded undesirable, the new “untouchables” of a well-thinking Western society, which still imagine itself superior on account of geography and ethnicity.

But Islam is not a nationality … it is not an ethnicity and certainly not a skin color. Islam is the faith of 1.6 billion human beings across the world.

Islam is a belief system, Islam is the religion of all prophets, Islam remains the path of those who submit to God’s will. From Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, Islam has been God’s call to reason, mercy and redemption.

And so in all of your critics of Islam’s tenets, remember that it is the words of your own prophets you are casting down in the dust, it is your tenets of faith you are denying and rejecting. In Islam lives the message of Jesus and Moses’ commandments, in Islam it is Adam’s original cry for mercy which can still be heard … and yet the West castigates and finger points at the one faith which came to unite them all and purify them all.

It is fascism game you are playing when you blindly and irrationally hate. It is ISIS verses  of hate you are reciting and enacting when you defile and name call your fellow men for they chose to pray in a fashion which differ from your own.

I will ask you this: Do you hold the monopoly on God? Do you imagine yourself so grand that morality and ethic can only be yours, express through your rules and your culture?

What make you any different from those radicals you claim to hate when you too, are using ostracization and hate to fuel your narrative and justify your violence?

What is it about Islam’s message you find so insulting? Is it our manner of clothing? Is it our skin color which antagonizes you, because I would hate to break it to you but we are of all colors, shades, shapes and heights. If you were to profile Muslims you would need to include all of humanity’s differences and commonalities.

Muslims have been blamed for the actions of radicals, Muslims today have been told they need to apologize for ISIS’ bloodletting for somehow ISIS’ theofascism reflects on all Muslims.

Who are we kidding here?!

Millions of Muslims have died under ISIS’ blades, not hundreds or thousands … MILLIONS and WE need to apologize for our murderers’ actions?

We denounce alright, but apologize for a radicalism which is not our own, I don’t think so.

Assuming that Muslims need to apologize by the way is profoundly prejudiced and racist. It implies guilt … it implies that our collective moral standards are so low that we condone murder, worse that our faith demands it.

DO NOT quote Salafis/Wahhabis preaching back at my face … those devils do not belong to Islam.

You want condemnation? Condemn those who preach hate, condemn those who, from the heights of their pulpits demand blood .. those by the way are your leaders’ friends.

What beautiful friendships you keep – the tyrants of an epoch of men!

ISIS is a mercenary army – where did those men get their training? How did those men get access? How did those men got passed YOUR security defences and eluded YOUR Security Forces.

And so while you paint Mosques’ red, threaten women and children, and persecute war refugees, why don’t you ask yourself whose agenda terror is serving. You are being played. You are being manipulated for you are only too willing to surrender to passion instead of reason.

So watch your civil liberties be eroded as your leaders promise to keep you safe, watch brave new police states being raised to your expense and on your dimes as the most vulnerable are being  castigated.

Watch as you become the fascism you say you hate, watch as you become the hate you say you fear.

An evil cannot be erased by another, only by what is better – those are the lessons of the Quran, THIS is Islam.


By Catherine Shakdam – The views expressed here are the author’s own

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