Canada expert warns, ISIS is eyeing up Asia

SHAFAQNA – Speaking to members of the Senate Defence Committee, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) chief Michael Coulombe said although focus has now turned to ISIS, we must not forget longer-running groups such as the (similar Wahhabi-Salafi terrorist outfit) Al Qaeda.

“ISIS started in Iraq and Syria, but what we’re seeing now, and you’ve seen it in media, it’s spreading in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan,” Coulombe said adding that ”Boko Haram just pledged allegiance to ISIS; so there’s also this phenomenon of ISIS spreading.”

Canada’s top security officials appeared before the Senate defence committee, Monday, over the government’s plans to extend the reach of CSIS overseas.

Coulombe and Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney presided over the meeting while other top security officials, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien and former CSIS assistant director of intelligence Ray Boisvert were also present.

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