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Canadian Muslims Go Door to Door to Answer Questions about Islam


SHAFAQNA- A group of young Muslims have been knocking on their neighbors’ doors in towns across Canada to answer questions about Islam and counter misconceptions about the religion.

The initiative was part of a nation-wide education campaign called Islam Understood, which aims to shed light on who Muslims are and what they stand for.

They sought to counter fears about their religion which they say is currently rising in the country, the Independent reported.

Among those meeting people was Qasid Chaudhry who met people in Barrie, Ontario.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions people have been getting about Islam. We’re trying to give people the idea that Isis (Daesh) is not Islam. It is a religion of peace,” Mr Chaudhry told CTV News.

Born in Canada, he added that he wanted his neighbors to understand that although he has Islamic values, he also shares their Canadian values.

“It’s amazing because a lot of times people are afraid Islamophobia is becoming a really big problem. It makes us feel that people don’t fear Islam, they fear these extremist groups,” he told the Canadian broadcaster.

The day of action, had reportedly been planned for some time, but it took place a day after rallies by both critics and supporters of a Parliamentary motion condemning Islamophobia took over the streets of Montreal this weekend.

A French-Canadian student, who was a supporter Donald Trump and far-right French politician Marine Le Pen, has been charged in connection with the shooting.

Following the attack, Canadians raised more than £350,000 for those who had been affected by the shooting.

In December, a poll by Forum Research carried out among 1,304 Canadians, found that four in 10 people said they had unfavorable feelings against identifiable racial groups – with Muslim being the group most likely to be a target with 28 per cent of unfavorable feelings.

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