Cases which the woman can ask the religious authority for divorce/the Grand Ayatollah Sisatni’s answers

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered questions about cases which the woman can ask the religious authorities for divorce.

Question: When can the woman ask the religious authority for divorce? Can the woman whose permanent husband behaves badly or cannot satisfy her sexual needs in a way that it is feared she might be looked at, suggest for divorce, and in such condition, to be divorced?

The Grand Ayatollah Sistani: If the husband does not observe his wife’s rights, and after the religious authorities order to follow one of the two ways (divorce or good behaviour) does not lead to a conclusion, the woman can ask the religious authorities for divorce, and in cases which the woman can ask the religious authorities for divorce are outlined below.

  1. When the husband does not pay for the living expenses of his wife, and also does not want to divorce her, and if the husband is not able to pay for the expenses, and also is not willing to divorce (his wife).
  2. If the husband harass his wife, and does not behave towards her according to God’s commands.
  3. Whenever the husband leaves his wife and the wife does not know what to do, as if she has no husband.

And if the husband cannot satisfy his wife’s sexual needs, and it is feared that the woman may commit sin, and although according to Wajib precaution, the husband must satisfy his wife’s sexual needs in any ways or divorce her, and despite all that if he does not so, it is better the woman chooses the way of patience.


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