Tribute to late Sheikh al-Nimr - the world remembers its martyrs

SHAFAQNA - An artist honoured Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr as millions are set this week to come together to honour his memory and mourn once more his passing.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr - Count Down To Arbaeen (40 days of mourning)

SHAFAQNA - Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was killed by the tyrannical house of Saud for he spoke the words of AhlulBayt, and walked in the path traced by the Prophet Muhammad and his progeny. A true man of God, a true son of Islam, he died in defiance…

The Sunni-Shia Divide Which Never Was

SHAFAQNA  - The following documentary which is the first volume of a broad series on the Sunni-Shia divide and the history of Islam is a product of the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies.  

Catherine Shakdam talks to RT about civilian casualties in Yemen

SHAFAQNA- Catherine Shakdam from the Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in London talks to RT about civilian casualties in Yemen as a result of the Saudi-led campaign

Madaya - One City, Two Stories

SHAFAQNA - Breaking Point with Vanessa Beeley

George Galloway Was Right: Destabilizing The Middle East Created More Terrorism

SHAFAQNA - In 2014, George Galloway, at the time a Member of Parliament, warned the British government that intervention in Iraq and the Middle East would only lead to more terrorism and instability around the world. One year later, the world…

#SaveALifeInYemen trails ahead - Humanitarians on a mission

SHAFAQNA - If Saudi Arabia and its war coalition have made clear they will stop at nothing to see Yemen kneel before the might of Riyadh, a growing network of "humanitarian fighters", those unsung heroes of the Yemeni Resistance are defying…

Saudi King's Daughter Express Her Solidarity with Sheikh Nimr and Prisoners

SHAFAQNA- Daughter of Saudi King, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz express her solidarity with Sheikh Nimr and prisoners.    

Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr- The Man Behind A Movement

SHAFAQNA - Sheikh Nimr  al-Nimr, commonly referred to as Sheikh Nimr was an independent Shia Sheikh in al-Awamiyah, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. He was popular among youth and critical of the Saudi Arabian government during the 2011–2012…
SHAFAQNA - An Introduction to Islamic E-Ethics: How to Use Internet and Social Media Morally and Spiritually With the advancement of IT, many new ways of communication, spending time and resources and making decisions have become possible.…

The Legacy - Imam Hussain Exhibition (Ahlulbayt documentaries)

SHAFAQNA - A look at the first Imam Hussein visual exhibition in London, UK. Looking at the life of Imam Hussein and the tragedy of Ashura in Karbala and its aftermath. For more information, visit: The documentary…

Wahhabism - The School of Ibn Taymiyyah - The Root of Terrorism?

SHAFAQNA - look at the root and ideology of Wahhabism. Founded by Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahab who was influenced by the writings of Ibn Taymiyyah. This documentary studies their teachings and why so much hatred is seen towards other religions and…

The Mona Relief Organization beats the Saudi blockade once again!

SHAFAQNA - Thanks to the generosity of its donors - the public - the Mona Relief Organization managed to distribute a whooping 35,000 meals to families across northern Yemen, in those areas the Saudi -coalitions targeted most. But organizing…