The Quran's Experiment - How prejudices cloud our reality

SHAFAQNA - If people actually read their Bibles, they would know that it is just as violent and misogynist as the Quran. And these people clearly hadn’t read their own Bibles, because they were made to look like complete fools after…

Kind Moharram International short film & photo contest

SHAFAQNA - Kind Moharram Festival was launched in Semnan With the aim of developing the Ashura culture and art in the community since 2008 . So far, seven courses have been held in succession nationally And to the power and strength of God…

Arbaeen pilgrimage to begin - millions rally

Millions of Shia Muslim pilgrims from around the globe are descending on the holy city of Karbala in Iraq to commemorate Arba’een. The occasion marks forty days after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam. Black-clad…

Happy Yemen - Before Saudi Arabia attacked

SHAFAQNA - This video was shot in 2014 before Saudi Arabia's war came to ravage Yemen, destroying its people, its history and its soul. This is how we want to remember Yemen ...  

Yemen fights hunger with the Mona Relief organization

SHAFAQNA - Dr Riaz Karim and Fatik al-Rodaini have joined forces with other rights activists and charitable organizations to fight hunger with Yemen. Yemen has reached breaking point and without adequate humanitarian aid millions stand to…

This is Islam and this is why so many answer its call

SHAFAQNA - Laura Booth convert to Islam, she cries EMOTIONAL , ISLAM IS PEACE

The Messiah Of Islam - Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi

SHAFAQNA - Documentary about the Messiah of Islam, Muhammad Al Mahdi Ibn Hassan Al Askari. Muhammad Al Mahdi Is the final of the 12 Imams. He was born on the 15th of Sha'ban in the year 255AH. He is from the pure, blessed and infallible line…

The Peace Treaty of Imam Hassan with Muawiya - The true message of Islam to the world

SHAFAQNA - A documentary produced by Ahlul Bayt TV that delves into the motives behind the peace treaty of Imam Al Hassan (as) and clarifies some of the prominent misconceptions.

Islam vs ISIS - Dr John Morrow's keynote address at Interfaith Institute at the Islamic Center of Long Island

SHAFAQNA - A prominent scholar of Islam and renown academic, Dr John Andrew Morrow is the acclaimed author of The Covenants Of The Prophet Muhammad With The Christians Of The World. A man of peace at the service of Islam, Dr Morrow has been…

The true Spirit of mourning for Imam Hussein a.s - Part 2/2

SHAFAQNA - The following video has been made available courtesy of the Islamic Centre of England.  

The true Spirit of mourning for Imam Hussein a.s - Part 1/2

SHAFAQNA - The following video was made available courtesy of the Islamic Center of England.

A 17th Century Maqtal al-Husayn from al-Andalus

SHAFAQNA - Dr. John Andrew Morrow (al-Ustadh al-Duktur Ilyas Islam) reads from his translation of a martyrdom of Imam Husayn that was published in the 17th century by Ibrahim Taybili, a Morisco Muslim living in Tunis. Recorded at the Al-Khoei…

The Neturei Karta Conference on Al Aqsa

SHAFAQNA - Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel"! Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for "Guardians of the City. The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident…

Muhammad Before Prophethood

SHAFAQNA -  When the Prophet Muhammad's mother Aminah was pregnant, Abdullah his father, was on a journey to as-sham, but he ended up dying close to Madinah and he was buried there, so he died before the birth of Muhammad.  Muhammad was born…

Fighting Stereotypes - Muslims in America

SHAFAQNA - Unity Productions Foundation — This eleven-minute film is the result of thousands of conversations with hundreds of different communities over the past several years, in which we have heard our American neighbors ask the same…

What is the mourning of Muharram

SHAFAQNA - The Mourning of Muharram, Remembrance of Muharram, or Muharram Observances, is a set of rituals associated with Shia Islam, which takes place in Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar. Many of the events associated with…

Muslims holds Muharram mourning processions

SHAFAQNA - Shia Muslims across the world prepare for taking part in ceremonies held annually in the month of Muharram to mourn the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions, peace be upon them, in the Battle of Karbala. Muharram,…

#AliMohammedAlNimr - Stop the Killing! Stop Saudi Arabia’s campaign of violence!

SHAFAQNA - Today a young boy, Ali Mohammad al-Nimr emaciates alone in solitary confinement, Al-Harra prison in Saudi Arabia, awaiting a death sentence. Al-Harrah is one of Saudi Arabia notorious high security prisons, where inmates are routinely…

Ethics and Morality

SHAFAQNA - Courtesy of the Islamic Centre of England  

Palestinian teen shot by Israelis, left to bleed to death

SHAFAQNA- A recent grisly video shows a 13-year-old Palestinian boy left to succumb to his injuries sustained from Israeli forces’ gunfire while callous bystanders and soldiers watch him bleed to death.  The slain boy, identified as…

Self Empowerment A Key Component of the Message of Ashura 2nd Speech by Sayed Jafar Qazwini

SHAFAQNA-Self Empowerment A Key Component of the Message of Ashura 2nd Speech by Sayed Jafar Qazwini

Ashura across the world

SHAFAQNA - The following is a video which was compiled by Majalis al Hussain, showing that lovers of Imam Hussain (as) are found in every corner of the world, commemorating his martyrdom.

Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini - Prophet Adam and Imam Hussain in Ziyarat Warith

SHAFAQNA - Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini was interviewed for the documentary Ziyarat Warith. This segment showcases the complete interview regarding Imam Hussain’s (as) inheritance of Prophet Adam (as). Ziyarat Warith Documentary brings together…