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Centre for Shia Islamic Studies

SHAFAQNA – The Centre for Islamic Shi‘a Studies (CISS) is a research centre which specialises in the study of intellectual traditions and scholarly outputs, articulated by persons or entities committed to the Shi’a Islamic faith, and/or persons or groups concerned with Shi’a Islamic milieus of past and present. It aims to offer an informed and scholarly Shi’a perspective on traditional and contemporary issues that affect Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The CISS endeavours to offer original and insightful analysis on a wide range of disciplines under the rubric of Islamic and Middle East Studies drawing from both traditional seminarian traditions and contemporary academic discourses.

Our commitment is to the advancement of scholarship reach beyond traditional and contemporary academic discourses in the field of Shi’a studies, but seeks to explore the religious traditions to broader dimensions of society and culture. The Centre is committed to the advancement of academic excellence in research and publication.

Our outreach activities provide a meeting point between the Islamic and Western worlds of learning.

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