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Charles Upton to SHAFAQNA: A Journey Towards Truth

Shafaqna – A Journey Towards Truth – Charles Upton



An American poet, author, and renown scholar, Charles Upton is also a Traditionalist and Sufi Muslim. The author of over a dozen books on spirituality, he most recently penned, “Day and Night on the Sufi Path” a book which delves into the outer and inner aspects of the interaction between tasawwuf and the interfaith movement, peace activism and the likes.

Mr Upton also conceived of The Covenants Initiative in collaboration with Dr John Andrew Morrow, which urges Muslims to abide by the covenants concluded between the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Christian communities of his time.

Shafaqna had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Mr Upton and share into his insights.

An unconventional scholar, a modern man of letter, Mr Upton’s work and legacy is one of challenge and honesty, truth and knowledge.


Following is a recording of the interview –


By Catherine Shakdam

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