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Chicago Muslims reclaim Islam away from terrorism

SHAFAQNA – Chicago’s Muslim community is condemning the attack in Nice. The violence comes as the group launches a campaign aimed at spreading the message of peace.

The campaign was years in the making and now the purpose more pressing.

“Violence done by some misguided individuals, doesn’t matter what phrases they use, what out-of-context passages they use, Islam stands against any violence,” said Sabeel Ahmed of the Gain Peace campaign.

Gain Peace announced a campaign of billboards and postcards to share their Islam, a peaceful message they say has been overshadowed by violent acts and inflammatory statements by politicians.

“It’s about time with everything else going on we should be out more active in the community letting know what we stand for,” said Tasneem Quadeer of Gain Peace.

“Our hearts ache, our hearts cry, our hearts bleed because of the violence which is going on around the world,” said Ahmed.

Motorists may notice a billboard on the way to Midway and another one Harlem Avenue condemning violence one side and a quote from the Quran the other saying, “to save a life is to save all of humanity.”

“My heart is bleeding for the people in Nice,” said Rana Rahman. “I wish I could physically do something for them and my kids our equally upset. Not only do they have to defend their country they also have to defend themselves at a personal level just because they are Muslims.”

One million postcards are being sent to Americans, sharing info of Muslim American history makers and key principles of Islam.

The next phase of the educational campaign will be TV ads.

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