Christian, Jewish and Muslim cantors against terror

SHAFAQNA – Christian, Jewish and Muslim cantors will sing together on Sunday at Palermo’s Massimo Theater against terrorism and religious fundamentalism. The concert will take place at 6:30 pm at the main theater of the Sicilian city with the participation of the cantor of Ashkelon’s synagogue, Emil Zrihan, his Muslim counterpart at the Paris mosque Imam Abd al Wadoud Gouraud, and the Sistine Chapel cantor Raimundo Pereira.

They will sing for peace and cohabitation among different populations together with the singers and musicians from the Teatro Massimo and conservatories of Palermo and Trapani. The performance – organized in cooperation with the archbishop’s office in Palermo, the Italian Islamic Religious Community (Coreis) and the Institute for Jewish Studies – will showcase a reproduction of the famous engraving in four languages of the Zisa, the Arab castle in Palermo, to show the city’s cultural diversity. The engraving is in Judeo-Arabic high up, in Latin on the left, in Greek on the right and in Arabic lower down and includes different dates, according to the customs of the different communities. The concert’s tickets, in spite of the importance of performers, is only 10 euros to stress the symbolic importance of the initiative.

The performance focuses on the experience of prophet Jeremiah, a common figure for the three monotheistic religions. The three ”lessons in darkness” composed by Alessandro Scarlatti, Francois Couperin and Jan Dismas Zelenka will be performed along with the Lamentations of Jeremiah offered by the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition.(ANSAmed).

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