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Christian professors spoke at “Islam in Europe: Perspectives and Challenges” conference in Qom



The international conference “Islam in Europe: Perspectives and Challenges” was held in Imam Khomeyni International University, Qom, Iran. This one-day conference started with participation of scholars and clerics, international figures and academic members from European and Asian universities such as Italy, England, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and so on.

Robert Gleave, Professor of Arabic Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Islam (CSI), IAIS, University of Exeter in UK, in his speech, addressed the issue of spreading extremism among Muslims in England and how the English courts encounter with supporters of terrorist groups such as ISIL and others.

He further condemns the definition of extremism as inadequate in terms of British law and said: “The legal definition of extremism in UK is that anyone who disagrees with British values. The problem is just when someone express different opinion or disagreement with a form of Democracy, shouldn’t we label them as extremist.

This legal term gives too much power to those who want to suppress freedom of speech.

In the following Rev. Dr Joseph Ellul – from Italy also spoke on the subject of history of Christian acquaintance with Islamic scripts, Writings and books of Islamic scholars including Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd, and the influence of these Elite on the vision of the Church in the Middle Ages.

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