Complicity in Yemen’s genocide comes undone?

SHAFAQNA – Saudi Arabia and its allies stand on shaky ground indeed as Yemen’s Resistance movement is eroding at the fabric of its edifice. Resilient to a fault, Yemen has withstood aggravated hardship under a war which has been as brutal as it has been genocidal in nature.

But even the most hardened politicians have flinched in the face of al-Saud’s blood-thirsty crusade … Yemen’s blood has become a stain world officials cannot seem to shake.

One of Australia’s most decorated military soldiers, who is now serving as a senior advisor for the United Arab Emirates forces, is facing questions about his knowledge of civilian attacks in Yemen.

Mike Hindmarsh commanded Australian forces in Iraq in 2008, where he also headed the elite and secretive SAS.

In 2010, the retired Major General was recruited by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to set up the country’s first elite fighting force.

At the time, the UAE had never been involved in any significant military operations.

But that changed in March last year, when the country joined a Saudi-led coalition that declared war on rebels in Yemen.

The conflict has been devastating for the impoverished Yemeni people.

Last week a leaked United Nations memo said civilians have been targeted by air strikes in a “widespread and systematic” manner.

Mike Hindmarsh is one of many “mercenaries” organizing Yemen’s murder.

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