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Conference – Seattle 2017 Heritage of Colonialism in Arabian Peninsula by ROOTS OF CONFLICT


SHAFAQNA – SEATTLE, WA, March 6, 2017 – Roots of Conflict (ROC) is a new organization based in Seattle, Washington whose aim is to facilitate tolerance, pluralism, and freedom of religion and whose mission is to denounce exclusionism in all its forms – whether it stems from a certain political ideology or hyper religiosity.

We will be holding our second annual conference themed, “Heritage of Colonialism in the Arabian Peninsula,” to denounce the rise of hatred, violence, prejudice and extremism as expressed by Wahhabi-inspired groups that claim to speak on behalf of the religion of Islam and to address foreign policy issues and assess on-the-ground dynamics in the Middle East. 

We cordially invite you to attend our free seminar (on Saturday, March 18, 2017  from 2pm to 6pm at Kane Hall) devoted to an in-depth, historic look at Islamophobia and extremism from their roots in the post-Prophetic period, while also examining the history of intolerant ideologies deliberately created in the name of Islam and Western approach in dealing with Islamophobia and false ideologies.

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