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Conference to mark 40th day of Sheikh al-Nimr in Karachi – Sunni and Shia clerics to attend

SHAFAQNA – Shiite leaders in Karachi have confirmed they will hold a conference to mark the 40th day of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’s martyrdom, under the banner: In support of the oppressed.

The conference will cover the persecution of Shiite leaders by the hands of Wahhabism: Sheikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and Sheikh al-Nimr.
According to details, the decision was taken in a joint meeting of ISO Pakistan, MWM Pakistan, Shia Ulema Council Pakistan, Jafria Alliance, Payam e wilayat foundation, Markazi Tanzeem e Aza, Markazi Tanzeem e Azadari, Imamia organization Pakistan, Haiiat e Aimma Masajid o Ulema Imamia Pakistan, Majlis e Zakireen Imamia Pakistan and All Pakistan Shia Action Committee.

It was decided in the joint meeting that a protest conference with the name of ‘Himayat e Mazlomeen Conference’ should be organized on February 20th, in commemoration of the 40th day of Sheikh Nimr’s martyrdom at Amroha ground.

Both Shia and Sunni scholars and leaders will address the conference.

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