Confessing to uniqueness of God by respecting others

SHAFAQNA – Prophet Ibrahim (AS) liked guests a lot, and he always used to eat with his guests. There was a time when for one full day no guest entered his house, so he came out of the house to look for guests. At this time he saw an old man, and asked about him. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) found that the old man was an idol worshipper, and told him: If you were not an idol worshipper, you could have been my guest and eat from my food.

The old man passed Ibrahim (AS) and went away. At this time, Gabriel (AS) came to Ibrahim (AS) and said: Allah (SWT) said: This old man has been an idol worshipper for 70 years, but his sustenance has not been reduced by God, now that for one day you have been assigned to feed him, for the sake of his idol worshipping, you refused to feed him! Prophet Ibrahim (AS) became regretful and went to search for the old man.

Ibrahim (AS) found him and insisted that the old man accept the invitation and come to his house. The old man asked Ibrahim (AS): Why did you reject me at first and now you invite me? Prophet Ibrahim (AS) informed the old man about God’s message and warning. The old man thought and said: It is not fair to disobey such a magnanimous God. Then he confessed to uniqueness of God and accepted the religion of Ibrahim (AS) [1].

[1] Almahajjatul Baiza’a, Vol. 7, Page 266.

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