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What is the connection between cheap talk and backbiting?

SHAFAQNA – After the death of Hajjaj who is known as an example of a blood thirsty ruler in the Islamic world, a man came to see the famous Muslim scholar Ibn Sirin and talked badly behind Hajjaj. Ibn Sirin said: Do not backbite; now the sin of your backbiting is bigger than Hajjaj’s sin! I am not prepared to listen to you backbiting Hajjaj! This is cheap talk. If backbiting Hajjaj is not allowed; then when is backbiting allowed in the world? God has backbitten the Pharaoh and Nimrod, etc. No they are not backbiting! Then, do not fall from the other side [1]

[1] Falsafeye Akhlaq, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 31.

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